Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be Passionate

Be passionate about your your work. Do not compare yourself to others. You are unique. Many people crochet and knit, but no one else can do what you do.
If you only crochet hats, that is okay. Do not worry if your hat looks like Joan or Pam's. If you want to be different, add buttons, ribbons, flowers or rims. You can use bright colors as your signature, perhaps neon.
When I crochet, I usually work from my heart. I sit down at start working on a project. I choose my colors based upon how I feel. Then I sit down in a comfortable chair, turn on some really good music, and just start to create.
The next time you start a project, think about your mood, imagine the colors and style you want to create. Find a nice comfortable chair and just go for it.
Be original!

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