Sunday, June 9, 2013

Slipper Comfort

I like my feet to be comfortable. I can wear socks all winter long. When I walk around the house I like my feet warm and toasty. Slippers are just as comfortable as socks. They slip on easily, especially if you have to get up and go really fast. My husband also likes to wear slippers. He doesn't like to wear socks or anything on his feet when he is sleeping, but he likes to walk around the house in a comfortable pair of slippers.
I have a hard time finding slipper that I like in my size. I am a size 10 women. I also don't like many colors I find in the stores. When I design my own slippers I can have the color and styles I like.
My husband has very large feet, size 14 men. He loves the custom pairs I make for him. I think it is cool of him to support my work.
Here are a few of my new slippers I have designed. They were fun to make.

Find yourself a great pair of slippers, they will make your day comfortable.
Contact me if you would like me to make your feet as comfortable as mine.
Have a great day!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Be Passionate

Be passionate about your your work. Do not compare yourself to others. You are unique. Many people crochet and knit, but no one else can do what you do.
If you only crochet hats, that is okay. Do not worry if your hat looks like Joan or Pam's. If you want to be different, add buttons, ribbons, flowers or rims. You can use bright colors as your signature, perhaps neon.
When I crochet, I usually work from my heart. I sit down at start working on a project. I choose my colors based upon how I feel. Then I sit down in a comfortable chair, turn on some really good music, and just start to create.
The next time you start a project, think about your mood, imagine the colors and style you want to create. Find a nice comfortable chair and just go for it.
Be original!